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UpCoupons gives publishers the ability to access market leading coupons, and therefore to drive incremental traffic and sales, for hundreds of leading global brands. Our model makes it easy for brands to rapidly capture large portions of the coupon market, driving huge incremental revenue at no risk and with no cost.
UpAnalytics is our game-changing content reporting suite that allows publishers to truly understand how their content performs by putting everything in one place. We believe great information fuels great content, so we bring all your traffic, monetization, and social engagement data into one tool - allowing writers and editors to quickly make decisions without hours of manual reporting.
Affiliate link management can be difficult - UpAffiliate makes it easy. UpAffiliate automatically identifies links across your content and converts these to tracked, paying affiliate links. What's more, it manages these links for you on an ongoing basis. No more manually adding links, no more broken links and no more missed revenue.
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Our network of owned and operated sites are designed to bring great content and amazing deals to users across multiple markets. We work with advertisers to drive high volumes of relevant engages users. From household deals, to parenting offers, coupons and more - find out how our network could help you hit your performance goals.
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We work with a wide variety of clients, large and small, around the world
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Upfeat was founded in 2015 by a group of people who brought over a decade of experience in the deal, cashback, and affiliate world. After bringing some of our technology to more traditional lifestyle publishers, we realized that there was a need for more advanced tools in the digital publishing space.

Over the past few years, we have gained a number of large customers across the globe who are leveraging our tools and platform to drive growth. Our team has grown both at our headquarters in Canada, but also in the UK, US, and Australia, giving us the ability to support content publishers from around the world.

We make content more rewarding for publishers. Get in touch to see how we could help you.

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